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What is historical data?

Historical spatial data by is a directory of geospatial intelligence collected from hundreds of sensors, including our own, from multiple satellites all the way from 1991 to date. Geospatial insights available for every point on earth contain hourly data for weather, pollen, and air quality at high resolutions paired with satellite imagery.

Where is it used?

Our most recent use-cases of Gspatial data

Yield Management - Gain perspective of the existing issues in your farm, explore and identify where and when problems are most likely to occur, pinpoint their exact cause, and maximize the efficiency of crop yield.

Increasing Sales - Geospatial intelligence from years ago can help marketers understand climate patterns from years ago and predict their sales, manage inventory and build sustainable solutions for precision marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing - Actionable intelligence from when paired with customer behavior data can help companies personalize their content, cater to the exact requirements of their customers and implement hyper-personalization in marketing efforts.

Putting the Data to Use - Geospatial insights enable enterprises to train their models efficiently and generate AI-driven insights to predict & forecast future risks.

At, we are committed to innovation from the ground up. If you have a novel use case and are looking for some help, then, we’ve got you covered.

How does it work?

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How do we get spatial data?

Gspatial’s intelligence is curated from hundreds of earth observatory satellites and sensor information from across the globe. These sources capture earth’s behavioral, topographical data and satellite imagery in its raw form. The final insights delivered to users largely involve data that is further processed with machine learning and AI algorithms built from scratch.

Ways to request spatial data

Users can request data from gspatial’s simplified, user-friendly console in minimum steps. The only pre-requisite for this process is to understand the kind of data you need to make your engines run. After your data requirements are defined, log in to the console and make the request, or follow the simple steps.

1. Create an account in

2. Go to console

3. Select your desired category, parameters, and time range for the data you need

4. Verify the order details in the cart

5. Make the payment and download geospatial intelligence.

Use Cases
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What does spatial data include?
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