Optimized Bulk Historical Weather Data To Design Climate Solutions

Hyper-local historical weather data for every point on the globe, collected, validated, and processed to get insights that will transform the way you make climate decisions.

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Granular, Diversified & Global Multi-Species Data To Take Your Project Forward

The secret behind Gspatial’s hyperlocal historical pollen data is the scientifically validated data science techniques designed by best-in-class developers to exceed our clients’ every expectation.

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Powered by supreme technology with proven accuracy & highest granularity

Highest Resolution

Data output available in various spatio-temporal resolutions

Global Coverage

Get historical weather data for every point on Earth from multiple sources

Rich Datasets

Superior quality datasets with 30+ years of historical data all the way from 1991

Multiple Parameters

90+ parameters for precise and specific actionable insights

Customer-friendly Formats

Data download available in multiple easy-to-integrate formats

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Countless parameters to make sustainable and climate-conscious decisions.


provides maximum, minimum, and mean temperature of the requested location over the indicated duration

Wind Gust

Provides the wind gusts over the requested time interval at the specific location

Wind Speed

Provides the maximum, minimum, or mean wind speed over the specified interval at the requested location


Provides the duration of sunshine divided by the amount of time the sun was above the horizon at the requested time and coordinates

Cloud Cover

Provides the amount of cloud cover in percent or octas


Provides the value of the relative humidity at the requested location in percent


Provides the amount of rainfall in millimeters during the requested time interval in that location

Wind Bearing

Provides the mean wind direction over the requested time interval at the specific height in degrees

UV Index

Provides the level of UV radiation of the requested location at a specific time

Data-centric solutions. Business-centric results.

Design your solutions:

Integrate weather insights to your product/solution to boost operation efficiency and make weather-based decisions.

Enrich marketing efforts:

Optimize targetted marketing campaigns, increase the ROI with weather-based intelligence and use insights from the past to plan appropriate messaging.

Make logistics risk-free:

With historical data, you can predict the best route, avoid delays in delivery, and manage fuel consumption all while minimizing weather risks.

Optimize agricultural practices:

Manage farming operations and plan crop cycles according to weather trends.


Real-time climate & environmental data is just an API call away.

Get real-time, highly granular climate and environmental APIs to integrate with your application, understand your environment better, and build climate solutions at Ambee.