User Guide

Global warming is a threat to all businesses. To improve the planet’s health and de-risk the effects of climate change, we need sophisticated monitoring, measuring, and managing efforts. is designed for enterprises focused on making climate-friendly, efficient, and sustainable decisions. Its user-friendly dashboard helps the audience understand and get insights that support solution building.

Here’s a guide to help you seamlessly navigate the dashboard and make the most of historical datasets.


The console is a comprehensive dashboard designed to help users understand, select and purchase geospatial intelligence for various parameters and specifications.

Click on the top right button on the home screen to go to the console.

Make the Wizard

Take a tour of the console with the new user interface guide.

The Wizard is the first thing on the screen for first-time users. If you click on the skip button, you can also go back to the console by clicking on the Wizard icon on the left panel.

This helps you understand the various options available on the console.

Choose data categories

Click on the relevant icon to select the category of data. The preliminary list of categories is the weather, air quality, pollen, soil, satellite images, NDVI, and fire data.

You can select the desired data category from this primary dataset list. To specifically choose parameters, you can go to the advanced filters section. Below the left panel, the preview section shows the details of the ongoing selection.

Move on to the following order specification by clicking on the Next button.

Select the location

To get data for the desired location, click on the search for location tab and enter the details.
There are many ways to pinpoint your location data accurately.

Enter the location’s name, address, postal code, or geo-coordinates in the search tab. Move the cursor on the map to select a geo-tag.

Click on the bounding box options on the bottom right of the screen to draw the area on the map. After a bounding box is confirmed, the system will generate geo-coordinates for the site.

Move on to the following order specification by clicking on the Next button.

Add the time range

Click on the next tab to arrive at the select timelines option.

Enter the time range you need the data for in the provided tabs. Enter data in the DD/MM/YYYY format in the date section and HH:MM:SS format in the time section for the weather & air quality dataset.

Make sure to enter both Start and End details to get data correctly.

Choose the desired time zone from the drop-down menu below the time range selection tabs.

Apply Advanced filters

After the category selection, choose from various advanced filters to get the specific data set from the server.

Advanced filters include parameters, resolution, units, file format, and download format. After the advanced filter selection is made, click on the arrow button.

Once again, cross-check the order details in the preview window.

Verify order in the cart

The final step is the cart screen. Here the details of your purchase are elaborated, and the projected cost of the order is displayed. You can verify the order details and make appropriate changes to the order at this stage.

Different orders are placed for different data categories and locations. Make sure to verify the data category and its corresponding details. Select the desired order from the list of orders displayed in the cart.

Once the order has been finalized, press the Place Order button to confirm & place the order. To get all account or payment-related information, click on the top-right icon on the console screen.

Explore User Summary

Clicking on the user profile icon on the screen will divert you to the user management screen. All details related to order, account, payment, and billing management are found here. Explore the page by clicking on various options.

Make Payment

Under Billing management, the details of the past orders are listed. The option to make payments for the current selection is also available.
Please fill out all the required information and verify the payment details to make the payment.

Download the data

After the payment is made, once the data is available, click on the download data button to get the ordered data. Visit the invoice section to download data from your previous orders or place a new order for the same specifications.