About Us

Over the last few decades, Satellites have played a massive role in advancing remote sensing technologies. This exponential progress has bestowed upon us magnificent views of our planet and groundbreaking scientific innovations.

At present, geospatial intelligence is at the pinnacle of geo-monitoring processes that help design solutions for deforestation, rising global temperatures, and greenhouse gas emissions. At Gspatial.ai, we are focused mainly on building analytics, and intelligence derived from satellite data, transform them into meaningful inferences that will help enterprises tackle the risk of climate change.

About Pollen around us


Building a resilient future with geospatial intelligence

About 270 Earth observation satellites orbit the Earth at present for earth science to observation purposes. It is on a mission to collect and provide the necessary data required to keep track of the environmental changes occurring due to various causes on Earth. Most climate variables are impossible to predict, monitor, and prevent with only on-ground technologies. Hence, humankind now depends on satellites to collect vital information that help solve the problems of our world and build a resilient future.

About Pollen around us

What we call geospatial technology at present was first implemented in 1832 by French Cartographer Charles Picquet. He created one of the first heatmaps to represent the cholera outbreak and where the illnesses intensified. A simple input from the past is now helping us deal with worse challenges like COVID-19 and Climate change.

At Gspatial.ai, we started working In alignment with the same principle of learning from the past and applying it to prevent the problems of the future. We built the product to assist and become a backbone to enterprises working on solutions to change the world. Since long-lasting and meaningful development requires geospatial intelligence to optimize the process, we created a platform to fulfill those needs.

Where we’re going

Geospatial intelligence breathes life into solutions. When applied in tandem with AI, it helps enterprises, developers, researchers, and marketers analyze past events to better plan for the future. With Gspatial.ai as the foundation, together, we can build solutions that will lead humankind towards a promising future.