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Plan everyday activities, understand the climate trends in a region and enrich marketing strategies by leveraging weather data across multiple applications.’s weather data repositories provide accurate insights, identifies patterns, trends, and variations in meteorological parameters over the specified time.

Air Quality

Air quality worsens every day, creating an imbalance in both earth’s ecosystem and people’s health. Accurate insights on varying Air Quality levels simplifies risk assessment and pinpoints problem areas in a region.’s real-time, hyperlocal and accurate Air Quality datasets provide intelligence to decision-makers, igniting change and creating value.


Pollen allergies are increasing in tandem with air pollution resulting in severe respiratory ailments.’s pollen data considers various parameters such as wind direction, relative humidity, type of pollen, and seasonal pollen trend to provide actionable insights.

It has applications in healthcare, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, insurance/risk management, ESG, retail, and advertising.


Soil quality plays a pivotal role in climate change.’s Soil data combined with topographical and weather parameters such as temperature, rainfall can determine the soil moisture content and surface temperature.

Historical soil data insights help rejuvenate damaged lands and enable better management of water tables.

Forest Fire

Active forest fires destroy the balance of the ecosystems, cause fatalities, and damage properties.’s Forest fire data identify areas prone to fires and helps identify the spread of fires.

Forest fire data can detect active fires and assist in better quantifying the damages.


Gspatial’s Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data keeps track of agroforestry, quantifies vegetation density, and monitors vegetation quality over time.

Historical NDVI data can identify land cover patterns, type of forests, the growth trend of the farm and helps assess key parameters to maintain healthy vegetation.

Satellite Image

A user-friendly platform, rich, panchromatic multi-spectrum images for any location across the globe are available in high resolutions. From mapping application to a location-based service.’s satellite imagery simplifies the process of acquiring up-to-date or historical satellite images with true color, false color, thermal data.

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 Satellite Image Data collecting

All The Environmental Intelligence You Need Is Right Here At

Apply Gspatial’s processed, actionable, modelled geospatial climate, air, soil, pollen and other environmental data by following 5 simple steps

Steps to how use Historical Data Product
Steps to how use Historical Data Product

Taking Problem Solving To The Deepest Of Its Roots

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For the first time ever, we’ve presented high-resolution data to train ML models, develop proprietary algorithms, and apply AI to problem solving in agriculture, healthcare, pharma, insurance, climate risks in various sectors and a lot more.


  • Track weather parameters to monitor farm health
  • Reduce yield loss due to various environmental factors
  • Visualize fluctuations with satellite imagery
  • Develop models for efficient agricultural practices


  • Plan trips ahead of time with historical and forecast weather
  • Prepare better for risks with highly accurate data
  • Build climate risks resiliency to your travel plans


  • Analyze product demand by location
  • Improve programmatic marketing and increase conversion rates (CTR/CPM)
  • Develop personalized marketing plans
  • plans Reduce marketing costs and get better outcomes with contextual relevance


  • Upgrade storage quality with environmental data-driven systems
  • Develop weather-based retail action plans to 10x your sales
  • Manage Inventory and stocking with modeled weather-based climate action plans


  • Make climate risk assessments with data-backed suggestions
  • Let our scientifically accurate data help you with climate modeling and insurance personalization
  • Conduct thorough risk assessments based on intelligence for customers’ property, crop, human health, and beyond
Agriculture Tourism Marketing Retail Insurance

Geographical Global Data Coverage

5 sqkm spatial resolution and hourly temporal resolution across 90+ countries! Truly one of a kind dataset for better outcomes

Dotted Map with points about geospatial environmental data
Dotted Map with points about geospatial environmental data

Ambee’s Proprietary Geospatial AI Technology

Sources for environmental data collection


Ambee cumulates globally accessible geospatial data from hundreds of earth observatory satellites and thousands of on-ground sensors worldwide to provide hyperlocal and accurate intelligence.

Process of validation Data


Proprietary AI algorithms designed by Ambee can process more than 1 TB of earth observatory data that ranges from parameters as simple as the melting point of snowcaps to complex computations such as air quality, vegetation, land cover, and more.

Modeling data


Ambee’s state-of-the-art ML pipelines and GPUs train multiple TBs of global spatial data all at once. The final product obtained can be easily accessed and applied across various industries.

Intelligence system to process data


Result Ambee provides a catalog of unique, accurate, hyper-local data in high resolutions compared to none. This geospatial data is insightful, actionable, and readily accessible through simplified APIs and easy-to-use API documentation.

Environment is volatile! Hence needs constant observation.

“There is no way that we can predict the weather six months ahead beyond giving the seasonal average”
― Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays


“Further, your industry is constantly moving, and we must create products for where the market will be tomorrow, not where it was yesterday.”
Marty Cagan, INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love ―

Phone with display of weather data


Weather-responsive Marketing: Making Marketing Intelligent

Weather-responsive marketing has driven businesses and spiked product sales worldwide. With historical data to analyze and forecasts to predict trends, marketers have used this to tailor campaigns and create awareness.

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